Car Maintenance Workshop

Welcome to HEUTIG, your one-stop destination for top-tier car maintenance services. With expertise in engine overhauls, AC repairs, spare part replacements, lubricant changes, tire balancing, and alignment, we ensure your vehicle receives the care it deserves to stay running smoothly on the road. Our dedicated team of technicians is committed to delivering exceptional service and using quality parts to keep your car in peak condition.

If you're encountering any car service or maintenance issues, look no further than HEUTIG. Visit our workshop to explore our comprehensive packages designed to address all your automotive needs, and experience the difference of our expert care firsthand.

Oil Filter Original + Balancing + Alignment + Checking List + Labour

A Package B Package C Package 
Mobil 1 Fully Oil
ESP (5W-30)
Mobil 1 Fully Oil
Mobil 1 Fully Oil
4 Liter RM680
8 Liter RM950
4 Liter RM640
8 Liter RM910
4 Liter RM580
8 Liter RM850
Eco Package
Mobil Super Fully Oil
(5W-30) & (5W-40)
Mobil Super 3000 AIO
(0W-20) & (5W-30)
  Mobil Super 3000X2
  Mobil Super 2000
(5W-30) & (10W-40)
4 Liter RM550
8 Liter RM820
4 Liter RM460
8 Liter RM730
Mercedes-Benz | BMW | Audi | Volkswagen | Mini Cooper | Smart | 
AMG (+RM50)  | Range Rover | Porsche (+RM100)

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